Christmas Fair

There is no exhibition at the centre this month as the gallery is hosting the Bleddfa Christmas Fair. There are a range of wonderful hand-made items for sale including ceramics, textile products, clothing, woodwork, literature and more! Please pay us a visit and support local craft-makers and artists. The fair is open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays 11am - 5pm. 22nd December being the last day before we are closed until Easter.

Open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday until 22nd December

Café, Gift Shop and Gardens open.

Free Entry.


Abstracting The Landscape

Lois Hopwood paints striking abstract landscapes inspired by the environment she resides in, open 11am - 5pm every Saturday and Sunday (and bank holidays) from Friday 19th April.

Lois is part of Castlehillarts with Professor Anthony Collier and Tony Hall. Free entry. Cafe, Reading Room and Gift Shop open.

Bei der by Lois Hopwood

If you are an artist and would like to exhibit at the Bleddfa Centre, please see the Exhibiting Guidelines here. If you require any further information, please contact the Gallery by emailing or calling 01547 550377.

Pots by Tony Hall

Altered States and God’s House

Sculptor Antonia Spowers explores the physical and mental states and the changes we go through in life. Photographer Alex Ramsay exhibition takes an objective look at the material trappings and structures of the contemporary Church to see what we can deduce about its present nature.

Summer Exhibition

A group exhibition by The Picturemakers, a self-funding collective of visual artists based in Mid-Wales. This group of artists come from diverse backgrounds and environments, with styles ranging from representational to abstract with much of their work rooted in the natural world.

Five on Fire

An eclectic group of five artists came together to exhibit drawings, paintings, print-making, ceramics and sculpture. Participating artists were painters and printmakers Brian Lammas, Mark Webster and Jeff Ogree, and sculptors and ceramicists Bob Teal and Rob Fountain.

Abstract Edge

A stimulating variety of work from the artists who formed the group in order to share their interest in abstraction. Some work is semi-abstract, taking a landscape, organic form or still life as the starting point, some is purely abstract.

Landscapes Revealed

This exhibition by painter and multi-media artist Kevin Street ranged across both urban and rural landscapes. Kevin seeks to demonstrate the way in which human life and history is embedded in the environment whether natural or man-made.

Thinking Outside The Box

This group of 25 sculptors working in Wales originated an exhibition of members’ responses to a set box format. Sculptors were presented with an anonymous box, empty and uniform. Members respond to this ‘box’ in a very varied way. Do we think within the box or without it? Each works in their own way; a joy to see.