Folk Concert: Jim Ghedi, Toby Hay & David Ian Roberts’ ‘A Hymn for Ancient Land’

On Friday 23rd February, folk musicians Jim Ghedi, Toby Hay and David Ian Roberts will be performing at Hall Barn at the Bleddfa Centre. They will each perform a set as part of the launch tour of Jim Ghedi’s new album ‘A Hymn for Ancient Land’. These talented artists have all toured the UK, received radio play across the UK, America and Australia, and have been signed to record labels.

The concert starts at 7:30pm, with doors opening at 7:00pm. Drinks will be available from the Hall Barn bar. Tickets are £8.

Jim Ghedi is a 6 and 12 string guitarist and folk singer, whose music is deeply rooted to a sense of place. In his new album, ‘A Hymn For Ancient Land’, Ghedi has elevated his unique blend of folk music to involved a fuller band set-up making it a truly innovative contemporary style whilst still being rooted in great tradition.

Toby Hay is a guitarist and composer from Mid Wales, whose instrumental music is inspired by the landscape, people and history of the area. With influences from all over the world, he makes music to capture the atmosphere of the special and underrepresented part of Wales where he lives, adding to the long tradition of Welsh string music.

David Ian Roberts is a singer-songwriter and guitarist from Herefordshire and is now based in Cardiff. With a unique voice and virtuosic fingerstyle guitar playing at the centre of his style, David combines the sounds of 60s and 70s folk acts, with Indian and classical music.

Venue: Hall Barn, Bleddfa Centre, Bleddfa, near Knighton, Powys, LD7 1PA

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