Storytelling has been a part of Bleddfa for 22 years, and is an increasingly popular way of supporting people from all over the world to delve deeper into the realm of orally derived stories and their own creativity.

Course leaders Michael Harvey and Hazel Bradbury lead a variety of courses at Bleddfa. Most popular is The Bleddfa Week of Storytelling; a prominent event in the UK storytelling calendar. They also lead more specialised, intense courses on a variety of themes, e.g. myth enactments, and courses tailored to both beginner tellers and more advanced tellers.

Michael Harvey was also involved with The Presteigne Festival Education Outreach Project that took part at Bleddfa this year, introducing storytelling to local primary school pupils.




Storytelling Weekend with Shonaleigh

Electrifying storyteller Shonaleigh came to Bleddfa for a weekend mini-festival of wonderful tales. Shonaleigh holds thousands of stories from the Jewish tradition in her head, and can weave them together at the behest of her audience to make a thoroughly thrilling performance. Shonaleigh holds you rapt and entertained, make you laugh, maybe even weep. If you thought that storytelling was just for kids, or a boring reading from a book, forget it – this is an experience that can blow your socks off!


The Empty Hand – Celtic Tales of Love and Loss

An evening of great storytelling from Daniel Morden, one of the country's favourite storytellers. What if the one you loved was taken from you…how far would you go to find them? Internationally celebrated storyteller, Daniel Morden takes us to hell and back with this premiere performance of a pair of fairytales for grownups. Haunting tales of love and lost loves in this world and the next – listeners experienced charms, thrills and chills by the bucket load. ‘Beyond captivating.’ Oxford Theatre Review ‘A master storyteller.’ Guardian.


Hags, Harpies and Harridans

A wise old Crone sits at the gateway of the worlds, fiercely guarding the things on the edge that are in danger of getting lost. She may bestow a curse on the fool or a gift on the pure hearted, but she will speak her truth regardless… Hags, Harpies & Harridans celebrates the powerful, timeless archetype of the older woman in myth, legend, story and fairytale, and her role as the fierce guardian of all that is precious and endangered. Jane Flood is a fabulous and well-travelled storyteller and we were delighted to welcome her back to Bleddfa.


The Week of Storytelling

Beginner and experienced storytellers immerse themselves in the ancient art of storytelling, receiving high-quality tuition from renowned tellers, discovering their own unique voice and developing their creative practice. This annual course is "a much-welcomed oasis to recharge one’s passion for storytelling". Participants work together in pairs and small groups, receiving high-quality tuition from renowned storytellers. Evening performances also take place throughout the Week.

Intensive Courses

Freeing the Storyteller’s Voice. A practical exploration of how we can use our voices to become more resonant, present and creative in our storytelling.

Storytelling Performance Intensive. For experienced storytellers who want to enhance their performance skills.


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