Group Exhibition: The Picturemakers

A group of 9 artists who form ‘The Picturemakers’ are exhibiting a collection of their work at the Bleddfa Centre from 29th September to 22nd October 2017.

The Picturemakers was founded in 2006 as a self-funding collective of visual artists based in Mid-Wales. This group of artists come from diverse backgrounds and environments, with styles ranging from representational to abstract with much of their work rooted in the natural world. Their first exhibition was entitled Cynefin meaning “affection for familiar places and experiences, both individual and collective”, and since then they have held over 30 exhibitions.

The exhibiting artists include Lindsay Davies, Rosemary Fahimi, Philip Huckin, Greteli Morton, Patrick Owen, Dilwyn Roberts, Karl Sylvester, Shelley Upton and Ann Williams.

The exhibition is open 11:00 am – 4:00pm every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 29th September to 22nd October 2017.

The café (serving tea, coffee, homemade cake and snacks), reading room and gift shop will also be open during these times.

For further details about each artist, see below:

Lindsay Davies: The landscape of the Wye valley has been a constant source of inspiration to her and she is currently working on paintings of the hills around Rhayader. ‘The process of ‘translation’ from sketch to painting is one that interests me. The final picture, in a larger format and different medium is the result of progressive attempts to capture a sense of the weather, light and mood of the place.’

Rosemary Fahimi: Working both as a farmer and as an artist has given her a uniquely holistic view of the countryside; its animals and its people. She uses the subjects that are all around her and that she is part of; allowing her to give them life on canvas, wood engravings, or in sculpture. ‘Art has always been with me; sketching the animals and learning the ways of wild things wherever I have been.’

Philip Huckin: After attending university in Aberystwyth and then moving away to pursue a 33 year career in secondary education, the desire to return to Wales grew during the final stage of his teaching career with an aspiration to paint and draw the Welsh landscape. He has shown work in England and Wales. ‘I have a desire to draw closer to the landscape I am portraying by developing my understanding and use of the Welsh language: the names and deep cultural history that pervades the valleys, hills, villages, and man-made structures in Ceredigion.

Greteli Morton: An ecologist, teacher and keen gardener, Greteli has always been inspired by the details of the natural world. For her, water-worn or weathered wood can be as exciting as sculpture and the ripples of peat-stained water are the worthy subject of a photographic study. ‘I see abstract paintings just waiting to be realised on things like the pebbles and bits of rock I pick up and collect compulsively.’

Patrick Owen:  He attended adult evening classes in life painting for many years and became a weekend painter of London Parks and views along the Regents Canal. He now lives in Wales and paints its landscape, the occasional portrait and still life. He paints exclusively in oils directly from the subject. I derive great pleasure from looking at and learning from the paintings of other artists, both past and present.’

Dilwyn Roberts: Born and bred in Montgomeryshire, he express his art in semi-abstract form; the aim being to generate positive feeling but also allowing and encouraging the observer to speculate or imagine. ‘I seek the shapes and juxtapositions that others don’t see and hope to bring them to the fore.’ 

Karl Sylvester: Trained as an artist in Hertfordshire and Edinburgh, he has been based in Mid Wales since 2003. He works mainly in oil and charcoal, and his favoured themes are landscape, still life and the human body. He has exhibited widely throughout Wales. I believe that working directly from Nature develops a good eye and a compassion for the world around us.’

 Shelley Upton: The stimulation first derived from art courses that she undertook as creative ‘release’ from her highly competitive working life re-kindled her passion for painting and allowed her to fully explore her creative side. She currently takes her inspiration from the coasts and hills of Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire. I left school longing to work in the arts. It has been a devious route…but I am getting there!’

 Ann Williams: Ann has exhibited with a number of groups and has work in private collections in Britain, Canada, the Netherlands and Sweden.  She creates her pictures to convey her sense of place and hopes the paintings will make the viewer see their environment in a new way. ‘My paintings are an extension of earlier textile compositions that explored the landscape of Wales; they still have the same strong sense of pattern, colour & texture and the brushstrokes often mirror stitches.’



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