a storytelling course like no other…

Storytelling is expanding at Bleddfa and we now have four courses for you to choose from in 2017.  More information is available at this website

The Bleddfa Week of Storytelling 15th July – 21st July 2017    This is the legendary original Bleddfa Centre storytelling course.  A week’s immersion in storytelling for those who want to deepen their experience of telling stories with input from top tutors and facilitators.   Led by Michael Harvey and Hazel Bradley with visiting tutors. £375 with an early bird price of £325

Freeing the Storyteller’s Voice  24th August – 27th August 2017    A practical exploration of how we can use our voices to become more resonant, present and creative in our storytelling. Led by Michael Harvey and Pauline Down.

Storytelling Performance Intensive   31st August – 3rd September 2017   This weekend will help you hone the tools of your trade and develop a creative practice to continue your storytelling and creative development. Led by Michael Harvey and Hazel Bradley.

Myth Enactment  7th September -10th September 2017   A chance for you to go deeply and creatively into one myth using the Sesame Method using storytelling, music, voice and movement. Led by Hazel Bradley and Michael Harvey.

All the weekend courses are £280 with an early bird price of £250.

To qualify for the early bird price you must pay for your course in full before 3rd April 2016, but a deposit of £100 will hold your place immediately.  Booking forms from or telephone 01547 550377 or download a form from the links below

Booking Form for Bleddfa Week of Storytelling Course 2017

Booking form Storytelling Free the Voice revised 2017

Booking form Storytelling Intensive Performance revised 2017

Booking form Storytelling Myth Enactment revised 2017

Course booking enquiries: Sarah Pearson, Centre Director   01547 550377

Course content inquiriesemail Michael Harvey   07812 166138

Resident Course Tutors:   Michael Harvey and Hazel Bradley